10 Ways to Weatherproof Your Home

Ways To Weatherproof Your Home | ServeHero

Whether you are getting ready for a scorching summer or a frigid winter, weatherproofing your house should be at the top of your list so that the weather outside doesn’t affect the comfort within. Although it does take a little bit of work, weatherproofing is not as complicated as you think. In fact, most of the things on this list can be classified as basic home maintenance. Here are 10 Ways to Weatherproof Your Home that will save on energy costs and home maintenance, as well as protect yourself and your home from the elements.

#1: Insulate Pipes Around the Outside of Your Home

Insulating Exposed Pipes | ServeHero

Water expands in when the temperature drops. Insulating the exposed pipes around the outside of your home will help prevent your hose connections and water spigots from freezing and cracking in the chilly winter months and save you from leaky pipes that could cause mold in your home.

#2: Install Storm Doors and Windows

Install Storm Door | Reducing Heat Loss | ServeHeroInstalling storm doors and windows is something that tends to be done only up in colder regions. However, this simple step will significantly decrease the amount of heat that is lost from your home, regardless of what region your home is in. Storm windows also prevent snow and ice accumulation on your window sills.

#3: Reverse the Direction of Your Ceiling Fan

Reverse Ceiling Fan | Heat Loss Reduction | ServeHero

Reversing the direction of a celing fan seems to be a strange tip but setting your ceiling fans to rotate clockwise in the winter month will make the warm air is circulate downward and will maximize heat in the room while being more efficient with your energy use.

#4: Add Window Shades and/or Drapes

Install Window Drapes | Energy Reduction Services in Atlanta | ServeHero

Don’t skimp on the window treatments in your home! Adding window shades or drapes is a step that can save you energy all year round. In the winter, open the drapes during the day to use the sun’s energy to help warm your house, and close them at night to keep the chill off. During summer months, close drapes and shades in rooms that face south and west to block the sun’s intense rays and keep your house cool.

#5: Insulate Your Outlets

Insulating Electrical Outlets | Energy Loss Prevention | ServeHero

Since an electrical socket is essentially a hole in the wall, it’s a common place for energy loss. Insulating your power outlets will help prevent this energy loss. You can pick up some foam at your local hardware store for this quick DIY fix.

#6: Get a Water Heater Insulation Blanket

Heater Insulation Blanket | Energy Reduction Services in Atlanta  | ServeHero

Getting a water heater insulation blanket is an affordable and efficient way to reduce up to 40% of the heat that can be lost through the sides of your water heater. But before you grab the keys to go get one, make sure to measure the circumference of your water heater, and compensate for the thickness of the wrap!

#7: Use Door Draft Stoppers

Door Draft Stopper | Heat Loss Reduction | ServeHero

Along with keeping the heat inside the house in the winter and outside of the house in the summer, door draft stoppers can also reduce the amount of pollen and dirt that enters your house during the spring and fall.

#8: Check for Drafty Doors and Windows

Drafty Window | Energy Reduction Services | ServeHero

Checking for drafty doors and windows will help you find potential leaks around doors and windows. The easiest way to do this is to slowly move a lit candle around your door and window frames. If the flame flickers, there’s a draft. Fill in the drafty spots with caulk or expanding foam.

#9: Inspect Your Chimney

Chimney Inspection Services in Atlanta | Reduce Heat Loss Through Your Chimney | ServeHero

There are several things designed to help you reduce heat loss through your fireplace; including flue sealers, doors and covers, heat exchangers, and inserts. Get a professional to check your chimney regularly to make sure that your fireplace is costing you during the winter!

#10: Trimming Trees Around Your Home

Trimming Trees Around The House | Weatherproofing Your Home | ServeHero

Trimming trees around your home is a great idea for the health and the look of the tree, but it can also be something to do to protect your home from damage. If there are any tree branches hanging over your house or electrical lines, make sure to cut them back before the freezing winter storms. Ice will make the branches heavier and more susceptible to breakage.

It’s never too late to weatherproofing your home! Anyone can do basic weatherproofing, often times with things that can be found in your local hardware store. By following these basic steps, your home will be ready to face whatever the elements throw at it.